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Specifics of Service

First Visit

We offer numerous services and like to visit with our customers about how we can best satisfy their needs. During this first visit, we would like you to introduce us to your dogs and show us around the yard. The meeting should last 10 –15 minutes. Afterwards, we will perform the initial cleaning.


We average the weekly cost over the entire year so the monthly invoice amount is always the same regardless of how many times we scoop during the month.

The billing is done a month in advance and is due on the 5th of the month of service. This allows you to view your upcoming invoice so you can make changes ahead of time.

Invoices are e-mailed. Your credit card will be charged on or around the 5th of each month. If there is a problem with your charge going through, then you will be contacted by the office.

Our service providers are not allowed to pickup payments.


If you ever feel that your yard has not been serviced thoroughly enough, then we will have a scooper back in your yard by the end of the following business day provided two conditions are met. First, that the yard was accessible and in serviceable condition, and Second, that we receive a call within 24 hours of our original service.

Arrange For Service

Please call us at (512) 423-DUTY.

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