Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you do with the dog poop?
We leave the bag at your house in the roll-away trash can. If you keep your trash can inside your garage, then we leave the bag next to your garage door farthest away from your front door.
Q: Will you service my yard less often than once per week?
We do not offer service every other week at this time.
Q: Do you service yards more often than once per week?
We do offer twice a week service depending on your location. We are making two different trips so we just charge double the normal weekly rate.
Q: What do you do about locked gates?
We carry a ring for keys, and if you have a code or combination lock, we enter the the number into PILE for quick field reference.
Q: Do you lock and close the gate?
Our #1 Rule is to leave the gate the way we found it.
Q: Our dog is a runner/escape artist. Is this a problem?
Not normally. We always are aware of the dogs in the yard as we are entering and exiting. We are always carrying our tools with us which generally makes the dogs keep their distance. These tools also help to fill the voids between our bodies and the gate discouraging even the quickest dogs.
Q: I have a scary dog. Will you still scoop my yard?
Yes. In most cases we can make friends with the dog while you are there and not have any further problems. If we continually have problems, then we will ask you to either leave the dog in the house while we scoop or make similar arrangements to help avoid a bite.
Q: Do you use anything like mace?
No. We only carry dog biscuits with us. We find that it is usually easier to earn a dog’s friendship through his stomach.
Q: Can I change my service day?
Not normally. We are in most areas only once a week.We manage to keep prices low by maximizing our efficiency. We really appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Q: Do you cover both the front and back yards?
Usually, we scoop one of the two, but other arrangements can be made. We charge a bit extra to scoop both every week.
Q: Do I have to pay if I go on vacation?
Not if you take the dogs with you or board them. Contact us before your vacation and we will credit you the skipped weeks.
Q: Is my scooping day ever going to change?
We periodically need to move your pick-up day to optimize our use of personnel and growth. We will notify you at least one week before the change takes effect. We appreciate your understanding about these changes, and we will try not to change your pick-up day often.
Q: Do you work in the bad weather?
Yes, we work in all weather. Occasionally, due to ice, snow, or unusually heavy rains, we may be unable to make your regularly scheduled pick-up. If this happens, we will reschedule as soon as possible. If we are unable to reschedule, we will clean up the two-week accumulation on the next scheduled visit.
Q: I don’t mow my yard every week. Is this a problem?
We are striving to provide the best service possible, but we are only able to clean up what we can see. If the yard is overgrown or covered in leaves, we have trouble mining all those hidden treasures and our warranty may not apply. Please assist our search so we can keep your yard as clean as possible.
Q: Do you charge extra for the first visit?
We do have an initial setup fee that we charge on the first visit. This is only charged once as long as service is not interrupted.
Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
Our service can be canceled anytime provided notice is given in writing.
Q: Why are one-time scooping prices higher?
Due to the fact that one-time scoops tend to be for very dirty yards, and that our main focus is on recurring business, we have a different graduated price scale for this service.
Q: What is your bounced check policy/collections policy?
We charge $25.00 for each bounced check and add it to your bill. All accounts that are delinquent 45 days or more will be send to collections and the fee will be passed on to the account.
Q: How do I make comments or observations?

We prefer that you take the time to email us about an issue, but feel free to call us at (512) 423-3889. We will respond by the end of the next business day.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?
If you ever feel that your yard has not been serviced thoroughly enough, then we will have a scooper back in your yard by the end of the following business day provided two conditions are met. First, that the yard is accessible and in serviceable condition, and Second, that we receive a call within 24 hours of our original service.
Q: What is PILE?
PILE stands for Poop Interface for Logistics and Extractions. This cutting edge software program manages customer information, routing and mapping, reports, payroll, and much more!

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