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Weekly Yard Scooping

  • Scoop Wizards offers a weekly Pooper Scooper service. During each weekly visit, we will police your yard, scoop up all the dog poop, and bag up anything we find. We come by your house on the same day each week. The scooping day is determined by the location of your house.
  • Twice per week service is available in most areas for customers with exceptionally small yards, with lots of dogs, or who want their yard extra clean.
  • We charge $12 per week for 1 dog and $3 for each additional dog. New customers are charged a one-time initial setup fee of $45.00.
  • Twice per week service involves two separate trips so the price is double the once per week rate.

Yard Size

  • We rarely charge extra for the size of your yard, but some yards are oversized or extremely difficult to scoop. For those, we add a little extra for the added time needed to do the job right. We have three standard categories.
  • Standard Yard
  • Large Yard (+$25.00 per month)
  • Extra Large Yard (+$45.00 per month)

Take the Bag

  • We can take the bag with us each visit for an additional $2.50 per week.

Front and Back Scooping

  • We can scoop the poop in both the front and back yards each visit.
  • We charge an additional $3 per week.

Pest Control {TPCL #0578596}

  • We have several options for your yard depending on your needs.
  • First, we can apply a bait that fire ants take back to their queen which sterilizes her. This bait should be applied monthly during the months where the ants are active.
  • To kill/repel mosquitoes, we can apply a solution using a backpack fog machine. This treatment should be re-applied monthly during mosquito season.
  • If flies are an issue, then we have a monthly bait that works fantastic.
  • We typically charge $75 for each application, but larger properties may be a bit more.

Our Other Services

One-Time Scoops

We will clean your yard only once if necessary. We will schedule the service as soon as possible. Prices for One-Time Scoops are based on the number of dogs in the yard. Payment is expected on date of service. Rate is for 1 man hour. Add $10 per 15 minutes thereafter.

  • 1 dog = $75
  • 2 dogs = $85
  • 3 dogs = $95
  • 4 dogs = $105
  • 5 dogs = $115 etc

Short-Term Scoops

We will clean your yard while you are out of town. We will perform the service as often as you request, except weekends, while you are gone. Prices for these Short-Term Scoops will consist of our usual scooping prices based on the number of dogs in the yard except the first visit will be charged as a One-Time Scoop.

Commercial Pricing

We offer our service to apartment complexes, condominiums, home owner’s associations, and parks both large and small. All commercial service is priced individually and is based on the size of the area of responsibility. Please contact us to schedule a walk through and bid.

Specifics of Service

First Visit
We offer numerous services and like to visit with our customers about how we can best satisfy their needs. During this first visit, we would like you to introduce us to your dogs and show us around the yard. The meeting should last 10 –15 minutes. Afterwards, we will perform the initial cleaning.
We average the weekly cost over the entire year so the monthly invoice amount is always the same regardless of how many times we scoop during the month.

The billing is done a month in advance and is due on the 5th of the month of service. This allows you to view your upcoming invoice so you can make changes ahead of time.

Invoices are e-mailed. Your credit card will be charged on or around the 5th of each month. If there is a problem with your charge going through, then you will be contacted by the office.

Our service providers are not allowed to pickup payments.

If you ever feel that your yard has not been serviced thoroughly enough, then we will have a scooper back in your yard by the end of the following business day provided two conditions are met. First, that the yard was accessible and in serviceable condition, and Second, that we receive a call within 24 hours of our original service.
Arrange For Service
Please call us at (512) 423-DUTY.

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