Scoop Wizards by Dog Duty offers weekly pet waste removal along with numerous ancillary services to its customers. We have extensive experience in the industry dating back to 1999. We understand that we are not only a pet service company, but a people service company too.

Our goal is to maximize your enjoyment of your yard. To that end, we take the time to meet every new customer. We always set an appointment with each new customer so that we can get an introduction to the pets and see the yard. This allows us to make certain that we understand the job.

We believe that a customer can learn a lot about a company by meeting its employees. We are proud to offer a point of contact and a friendly face.

We are powered by a web-based proprietary software system which allows us to make real-time changes and record field services as they are performed.

Our History

In March of 1999, Dog Duty was founded in Austin, Texas. The business was primarily run by Lance Reichert using his Ford Ranger, a few shirts and promotional materials, and the sheer desire to succeed. From the beginning, the business quickly began to take off due to its straightforward and inexpensive approach to offering a unique service that customers could not or did not want to provide for themselves.

As the business began to grow, Dog Duty began to take on additional staff to meet increased demand for its services. In April of 2000 the company was incorporated and had already begun to expand its menu of services to meet a more diverse range of customers. By 2009, despite significant problems in the economy, Dog Duty had continued to flourish with over 8 full-time employees and over 750 clients being serviced on a regular basis. Revenues had reached almost $500,000 a year with the entire greater metropolitan market of Austin being dominated by Dog Duty despite heavy competition.

Due to the continued success of Dog Duty, Mr. Reichert began to consider franchising as a way to expand the business to other markets. By August 2010, the decision was made to move forward in developing the franchise so that Dog Duty could better serve the needs of pet-owners across the country. As the franchise began to take form, it was determined that it would operate under a different name than Dog Duty in order to better provide for and protect its trademarks and proprietary tools. This resulted in the formation of Scoop Wizards, LLC., the franchise arm of the Dog Duty enterprise.


I think you guys ROCK! I don’t know how I managed without you!! Thanks K.S.

As I have been a customer for 4 years now, I’m generally pleased with your service & look forward to continuing our association.! J.P.

I have been extremely happy with your service over the last 2 years of service.! C.E.

I can’t think of any way your service can be improved, unless you can groom the dog at each visit!! G.W.

You guys are like clockwork – it’s great. Thanks for all you do!! M.C.

I would cut back on a million things before I’d ever cut you all out of my budget!!!! THANKS MUCH! L.W.

Keep up the good work. I never have to give it a second thought.! S.T.

You guys do a great job! That’s why we stick with this; even through the tough times.! J.L.

Doing a good job overall. Any problems I’ve had are corrected with a phone call.! P.R.

Please keep doing what you guys are doing! You are fantastic!! E.S.

Unless you want to give my dogs a bath, there’s not much more you can do to impress me. I love the service!! Thank you! D.C.

Our scooper is really great and the dogs love him. I don’t think there is really anything you can improve on. We love your service so much and DEFINITELY couldn’t live without it!!! C.A.

I have been pleased. I especially appreciate the care the workers use to ensure that my gates are always closed so that the dogs don’t get out. It seem like you really care about customer service.! Thank you. S.T.

My dogs go crazy when Carlos comes – I’m so glad he’s able to enter the yard and not be timid around them. They really appreciate the “woofies’ he leaves – but gobble them up before I realize he’s been here. Keep up the wonderful service we’ve become addicted to!! B.J.

Carlos does an exceptional job; always has a good attitude, and always arrives with a smile on his face. His positive approach and the manner in which he performs his work is to be commended. His actions reflect well on your company. I appreciate very much the job he does and the service your company provides.! You guys ROCK! D.B.